Salt Walls

Himalayan Salt Brick Wall Panels

Salt Walls

Pre-Assembled Panels with LED Backlighting

Sauna Zen’s plug ‘n play, pre-assembled Himalayan Salt Brick Wall Panels with remote control, dimmable LED backlighting are our most popular salt wall option.  Our panels are available in a range of sizes and can be stacked vertically and horizontally to create magnificent room dividers or large salt wall displays. They provide a stunning accent to any room.  They are shipped fully assembled–just unpack, hang, plug-in and enjoy.

Standard Size Pre-Assembled Himalayan Salt Brick Wall Panels

Our fully assembled salt wall panels all include remote controlled, dimmable LED backlighting built in to bring out the magnificent, naturally occurring color striations found in our Himalayan salt bricks.  They also avoid the mess and expense of building a salt wall, brick by brick in your home, office or spa.  Our fully assembled salt wall panels are available in the following sizes:

  • Square Salt Wall Panels
  • Rectangular Salt Wall Panels
  • 3 Piece Pre-Assembled Systems

Custom Sized Himalayan Salt Wall Panels Built for You

We can also build and assemble salt wall panels in custom sizes to suit your specific needs and usage requirements. Due to construction considerations, the minimum dimension (height or width) on any custom panel is one foot and the maximum dimension is six feet (height or width). Give us a call to go over your salt wall vision and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

NOTE: Actual dimensions may differ slightly due to variances in bricks and production runs. Prices do not include shipping. All panels are hand-assembled in the United States to strict quality control standards. We guarantee that if you order multiple square or rectangular panels of a particular size at the same time, they will all be the same size. Production time requires approximately 12 business days.

Construction Techniques

Not all salt wall panels are built the same.  Spiritual Quest begins the process of building each salt wall panel by carefully selecting complementary Himalayan salt bricks from our inventory of 100% natural, grade A Himalayan bricks.  All panels are hand-assembled in the United States to Spiritual Quest’s exacting quality control standards.  We use proprietary adhesives and techniques that we’ve developed over the last 25 years during the assembly process.  These proprietary methods ensure that the Himalayan bricks in each salt wall panel can “breathe” (in other words, the brick surfaces are exposed to air) in order to maximize the backlighting effects and to obtain the health benefits of Himalayan salt’s natural negative ion generation.

Having your very own Himalayan salt wall will give any room of your home, office or spa the unique ambiance generated by their warm and soothing light.  Salt walls also provide the wellness benefits associated with the negative ion output generated by warmed Himalayan salt. If you are thinking about putting a large salt wall in your home, office or spa there are a few things to consider.

Salt wall Installation considerations

  • Weight:  Each panel weighs in at around 200 pounds.  If you plan on hanging them on an existing wall make sure it can support the load (and make sure you have enough people to help you hang the panel.)  We offer several mounting solutions and practical advice to ensure you installation is quick, safe and convenient.
  • Electrical outlet: Nothing ruins the aesthetic of a salt wall more than unsightly cable runs.  We recommend making sure there is an outlet where you plan on placing your salt wall.  Since we use low voltage LED backlighting, any standard electrical outlet will work just fine.
  • Portability:  Building and installing a salt wall is a significant investment.  One of the great benefits of using Spiritual Quest’s salt wall panels to create your salt wall is that if you ever have to move, you simply unmount your panels, move them to your new location and rehang them.
  • Price Efficiency:  With our salt wall panels, you will save a bundle on installation costs when compared to built-in salt walls that are constructed, brick by brick, on site and can take days (or even weeks) to build at great inconvenience to you.  Additionally, working with Himalayan salt bricks is much different than working with regular bricks and mortar.  With our salt wall panels, installation is no more complicated than hanging a picture on a wall.

The magnificent color striations found in our 100% natural Himalayan salt bricks are the result of more than 80 naturally occurring minerals found in the Himalayan salt mountains.  Our dimmable LED backlight brings out and emphasizes these naturally occurring, beautiful color gradations, creating a warm, friendly and soothing environment.

The benefits of Himalayan Salt Walls

It is natural for your Himalayan salt wall panels to “sweat.”  This is when your Himalayan salt wall becomes a natural negative ion generator.  These ions are said to induce a gentle calmness that enhances the length and quality of your sleep.  These are the same ions created by waterfalls, thunderstorms and ocean waves breaking on the beach and that Dr. Oz recommends for their possible health benefits which are said to include the following.

  • Decrease the levels of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and other allergens.
  • Decrease airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Decrease blood pressure and reduce tension and stress.
  • Reduce frequency of headaches.
  • Reduce instances of respiratory ailments including hayfever and asthma.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Improve energy levels, concentration and focus.


Over the years, we’ve been amazed and inspired by how our customers have used our salt wall panels.  Spiritual Quest’s in-house experts are here to deliver your vision and guide you through every step.  It begins with you describing your vision and supplying us with proper measurements.  We then use our in-house, experienced staff to hand-build your salt wall panels.  We utilize only 100% natural, grade A Himalayan salt bricks in our salt wall panel construction.

Salt Walls FAQ

How do you build a salt wall?

Building a salt wall is not for the novice. You want to consider location—your salt wall should be built in a dry area that is not subject to high humidity levels. You want to consider weight. Each brick in the salt wall can weigh up to five pounds. A salt wall that covers a standard room wall can weigh as much as a ton. You want to make sure your floor can support the salt wall. You want to consider how you are going to backlight the wall when it’s completed. Finally, you need to figure out how you will keep the bricks in place. We use proprietary systems for backlighting and keeping the bricks in our salt walls in place. Again, let us stress—building a salt wall is a special craft and not for the novice.

How do you install a salt wall?

The easiest way to install a salt wall is to purchase a pre-assembled salt wall panel from us. These come with the backlighting already in place so you literally only need to hang them on the wall (make sure you know where your wall studs are) and plug them in.

Can I put a salt wall in my bathroom?

Salt naturally attracts water and wet salt dissolves, so placing a salt wall in your bathroom is problematic. You can seal the salt bricks with an acrylic coating to keep the moisture out, but this will prohibit the salt bricks from being exposed to the air and rob you of the natural benefits Himalayan salt provides when exposed to the air.

What is a salt wall used for?

Regardless of where you place your salt wall, it will provide a stunning, aesthetically pleasing display—in other words, they are great to look at. In addition to the great visuals salt walls provide, they are beneficial to your overall wellness.

Salt walls, combined with heat from being backlit, give off negative ions. These naturally occurring ions scrub the surrounding air of dirt particles, pollens and other allergens. Cleaner air means better breathing and fewer allergies. Additionally, salt walls provide a form of light therapy with their warm, striated colors when backlit. This can help you relax and recharge.