Halo Generators


HaloGenerators for In-Home Dry Salt Mist Therapy (Halo Therapy)

Halogenerators are the engines that power dry salt mist therapy, also known as halo therapy or active salt room therapy. This therapy requires inhaling microscopic pharmaceutical-grade salt particles for their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Halogenerators are designed to do two things: Grind salt into microscopic particles and distribute these particles into the air in a steady, dry mist. Some halogenerators come with automated and/or manual controls that allow you to adjust the dispersal radius of the salt mist, the concentration of the salt mist and set a timer for the length of your session.


The word Halo is Greek for salt, hence the designations halogenerator and halotherapy. The halo, or salt, used in a halogenerator should always be pharmaceutical grade salt. You want to make sure the salt is free from any impurities or minerals. You want 100% NaCl (sodium chloride) for use in your halogenerator as this is the only salt that will dissolve 100% in water. If you use other types of salt, including our favorite Himalayan salt, you run the risk that these impurities and minerals can become trapped in your respiratory system and cause complications.

Although HaloGenerators are a very precise device, they are actually very easy to use. You simply pour some pharmaceutical grade salt into your HaloGenerator, turn it on and breathe. The Halogenerator does everything else.

We recommend using a dedicated room or sealed container for you Halo Therapy. The dry salt mist put out by a HaloGenerator is not reserved just for your breathing passages. It disperses over an area of at least 100 square feet. Over time, these microscopic salt particles will cling to each other and form salt deposits. Not only are they unsightly, but they present a cleaning challenge.

Spiritual Quest offers three sizes of Halo Generators. The mini HaloGenerator weighs under 20 pounds and has a salt mist coverage area of 80 square feet.

The portable HaloGenerator weighs just 22 pounds and its width, height and length are just about a foot in each direction. It has a salt mist coverage of approximately 100 square feet.

The wall-mounted HaloGenerator also weighs just 22 pounds but is almost two feet tall by a foot wide and a foot deep. It has a salt mist coverage of almost 500 square feet.

HaloGenerators FAQ

What is halogenerator?

A HaloGenerator is a device that grinds pharmaceutical grade rock salt into microscopic particles and then disperses them into the surrounding air.  It is the basic component of salt rooms and halotherapy.  This dry salt mist is said to be beneficial to a wide range of respiratory ailments.

Does salt therapy work for COPD?

Those who use salt inhalation therapy say that it attracts the water in our airways to dilute the mucus collections, making it easier to expectorate phlegm. This promotes better breathing and relieves symptoms of COPD.

Does salt therapy help relieve asthma symptoms?

Salt inhalation therapy attracts the water in our breathing passages which helps dilute the mucus collected there.  This makes it easier to clear the lungs and breathe and provides relief from asthma symptoms. 

Can I do salt therapy at home?

Absolutely. This is precisely the reason we created Sauna Zen. We believe that many spa type treatments such as salt therapy, float therapy and sauna therapy are more effective when done in the comfort and privacy of your home where they can be scheduled to your convenience and not be adversely affected by driving to and from a spa.

What is halotherapy salt therapy?

Halotherapy (Halo means salt in Greek) involves using a HaloGenerator to create a dry mist of microscopic salt particles. This dry mist is inhaled where salts natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties can aid in clearing the respiratory system.

Where should I place my halogenerator?

In theory, you can place your HaloGenerator anywhere you want to. In reality, you need to consider a few things before you decide where to put it. Your HaloGenerator will distribute an ultra-fine salt mist in the surrounding air when in use. This mist will settle and over time you will be left with a covering of salt residue on anything in the area. Not only is this unattractive, but it can be a real pain to clean up, and it certainly doesn’t do electronics or anything metallic any favors.

What do halogenerator's do?

HaloGenerators grind or crush pharmaceutical salt into microscopic particles (0.5 microns to 10 microns). These particles, about the size of a bacteria cell, are invisible to the naked eye. After grinding the salt to size, the halo generator then uses a fan or blower to disperse these salt particles as a dry mist.

What is Halo Therapy?

Halo Therapy is the inhalation of the dry salt mist created by a HaloGenerator. This therapy makes use of the natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties of salt to relieve respiratory problems. It is a natural, drug free, holistic therapy designed to benefit respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, snoring and sinusitis.

How much salt does a HaloGenerator use?

Depending on your HaloGenerator, and how long you choose for your Halo Therapy sessions to last, ten pounds of pharmaceutical grade salt should be sufficient for at least 100 sessions.

What kind of salt should I use in my HaloGenerator?

You should only use pharmaceutical grade salt. This is the only form of salt that will dissolve 100% in water so it doesn’t stay in the lungs. As much as we love our Himalayan salt, the very minerals that give rise to the fabulous colors in Himalayan salt crystals won’t dissolve in water and they will remain in your respiratory system.